About The Author


Daniel was born in the Midwest and grew up with a heavy dose of 80s action films. He recently had the privilege of worshipping at the shrine of modern bodybuilding by visiting the childhood home of Arnold Schwarzenegger, in Graz, Austria, an experience he will never forget.


Daniel has a strong passion for history, exercise and zombie apocalypse fiction. He is inspired by the fiction of George R. R. Martin, Bernard Cornwell and George Romero, who set the bar so high for excellence. If he isn’t working on his next book, you can find him training his body for the impending rise of the undead. He now resides on the East Coast.


After reading so many books, he started writing his own. The ideas have been flowing ever since and he just doesn’t know if he’ll have enough time to get to them all. He is diligently working on the next installment of The End Time Saga. He is a proud member of the Horror Writers Association.